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The Latest Colour Trends at Hair Lab Hair Salon in Basingstoke

In need of a hair update but not sure where to start? Are you confused by all the different hair colouring techniques out there? If you've heard of balayage, sombre, ombre, root stretch, root melt and colour melt hair but are unsure what they actually are and how they differ from one another then read on and brush up on the latest fashion colouring techniques.

Here at Hair Lab hair salon in Basingstoke, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, stunning hair colour results for both men and women using the latest techniques and offer complimentary hair colour consultations so we can discuss what you’re after, assess the condition of your hair and plan your gorgeous new look. If you see a look you love, share it with your Hair Lab stylist who will help you achieve the look you’re after.

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Face Frame Highlights At Hair Lab Hair Salon in Basingstoke

There are always new hair ideas and trends and sombre colour is a great one to try. Sombre offers a soft gradient of colour which is similar to ombre but more subtle. Your skilled colourist will choose between 2 & 3 varying shades of colour that are a close match to your roots to give a seamless, gentle blend of colour which shines a spotlight on the mid lengths and ends of your hair.

You can opt to stick with your natural root colour or if you're looking to disguise white hair or blend unwanted greys then we can transform your look with a little clever root shading. Lighter, brighter hues are applied through all lengths and ends working towards a near invisible finish towards the roots to give a fresh, modern finish to your hair colour.

Sombre hair colouring is a great place to start if you are nervous about dying your hair or are not quite ready to take the plunge with a daring, bold ombre.


FOILAYAGE At Hair Lab Hair Salon in BasingstokeWhat is foilayage hair colour we hear you ask! Foilayage is the newest colouring technique to achieve perfect, dreamy highlights. It works especially well on darker base colours as it allows your colour technician to add sun kissed, natural looking highlights that look like they've always been there - meaning it's super easy to maintain. The aim is to create a colour that becomes more vibrant as it moves from roots to ends. 

Foilayge differs from balayage as the hair is coloured and then placed in foil to allow for maximum. From icy, platinum hues to cool, ash blondes we are confident we can deliver great hair colour results you'll love.


Face Frame Highlights At Hair Lab Hair Salon in BasingstokeMoney piece hair colour is the new kid on the block and lets you be bold with your look and experiment with your hair colour without long term commitment.

Also known as two tone colour & face frame highlights, this cool hair trend gives a nod to the chunky highlights seen in the ’90s with bold face-framing strips of colour being added as a contrasting colour to the rest of the head. Dubbed ‘supermodel highlights’ thanks to Cindy Crawford’s popular 90’s auburn hair colour with lighter, blonde streaks around the face and Gerri Halliwell’s stand out blonde stripes.

Your expert HairLab colourist will skillfully add a contrasting frame around the face to create a two-tone colour effect. Normally a lighter, or more extreme shade is added however, soft caramel and natural tones look amazing. Just check out Beyonce’s understated face frame hair colour choice. We LOVE it!


root smudge hair colour at hair lab hair salon in BasingstokeRoot smudge is also known as shadow roots, root melting colour and colour bleeding and is a technique used to blur the lines of colour between the roots and the tips. This softer, more gentle transition of colour between the root and the lightened hair offers a low maintenance hair colour that stays looking great way after you've left the salon.

Root smudge & colour melt hair can be low maintenance if you opt for natural shades of brown and blonde, however, bright, vivid hair colours that are different to your natural root colour will require more regular top-ups. This look is ideal for those who enjoy having a lighter hair colour but hate the harsh regrowth lines that you get from traditional highlights.

Discover more about the professional haircare brands we stock at Hair Lab to keep your hair colour looking glossy and vibrant by following this link


BALAYAGE HAIR COLOUR AT HAIR LAB HAIRDRESSERS, BASINGSTOKENow here's a colouring technique we're sure you'll have heard of! Balayage has taken the world by storm and continues to be the most popular colour choice in our Basingstoke salon

Balayage give your colourist the ability to get creative and deliver a bespoke hair colour result that has been perfectly tailored to suit your hairstyle and enhance your facial features. Balayage offers a brilliant way to contour the face, lighter colours can be added where more width is needed and darker shades to give the impression of a narrower face!

Balayage hair colour is applied away from the roots to avoid an obvious regrowth with colour application being focused mainly on the mid-lengths and ends. Balayage highlighting is not just for those with blonde hair. It looks gorgeous applied to a rich brunette base colour as well as looking beautiful on red hair.

If you have been thinking about a Balayage hair colour, but you're still not sure if it is for you? The team of expert hair colour technicians at Hair Lab will be happy to answer some of your most commonly asked questions about Balayage. Why not book a complimentary consultation today?


An allergy alert (AAT) test is required before all hair colouring services at Hair Lab hair salon in Basingstoke to allow us to check for sensitivity and reactions to the hair colouring products that we use. We offer free Allergy Alert Tests (also known as skin testing and patch testing) in our salon.  You will need to make an appointment to attend the salon at least 48 hours before your hair colour service for your test. 

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