Hair Colour Correction

Hair Colour Specialists in Basingstoke at Hair Lab Hair Salon

At Hair Lab we understand hair colouring disasters happen, and our experienced team of hair colour technicians are here to fix all your hair colouring problems. So no matter if you have experienced an incorrect hair colour application attempted using a box dye at home or had a DIY bleaching disaster – at our hair salon in Basingstoke, we will achieve your desired hair colour.

Please note: If you are new to hair colour or have not had your hair coloured at Hair Lab before, you will be required to have a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.

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Correcting Home Hair Colours at Top Salon in Basingstoke

Hair Colour Specialists in Basingstoke at Hair Lab Hair SalonIt can be very tempting to think you can fix your hair colour problem by sticking a box dye over the top! This is not the case and can lead to further complications.

Book in with a member of our hair colouring team at Hair Lab hairdressers in Basingstoke where our hair colour experts will assess the best tones and shades for your hair. We will identify the areas that need colour correcting in order to replenish your hair and bring it back to a beautiful condition.

Common Hair Colour Problems

Common hair colour issues include hair that has turned brassy or yellow from an incorrect bleach application, unwanted warm tones in the hair, and hair colour that has turned out too dark.

From chunky highlights to correcting hair dye that has been left on for too long or not long enough,  our expert corrective hair colouring technicians in Basingstoke have seen them all and will customise the perfect hair colour for you. Hair Colour Specialists in Basingstoke at Hair Lab Hair Salon

Repair Over Processed & Dry Hair

The condition of your hair is our number one priority and will not compromise the condition of your hair.

The skilled hair colourists at Hair Lab suggest having regular hair treatments which protect and strengthen your hair during the hair colouring process, leaving you with softer, shinier, healthier hair.

Help! My Home Balayage Hair Dye Did Not Work

Hair Colour Specialists in Basingstoke at Hair Lab Hair SalonBalayage hair colour continues to dominate the hairdressing world and it’s clear to see why! It offers the opportunity for beautiful, sun kissed highlights scattered throughout your hair. 

At-home balayage kits can sometimes result in a harsh band of colour which can be hard to fix so is definitely a job best left to the professional hair colour experts in our Basingstoke salon. We have received specialist colour training and can hand paint subtle, highlights throughout your hair exactly where you want them – something that you can not do yourself at home.

Your Colour Correction Consultation at Top Hair Salon, Basingstoke

Hair Colour Specialists in Basingstoke at Hair Lab Hair SalonAre you looking for the best hair salon in Basingstoke that offers excellent colour correction services? Look no further than Hair Lab where our experienced hairstylists will deliver an in-depth colour correction consultation prior to your service.

This is the ideal opportunity to discuss the best plan of action for your colour correction and for you to show pictures of your desired result. Hair consultations help to avoid confusion and avoid further mistakes.

Book Your Hair Colour Correction Service at Hair Lab Hairdressers in Basingstoke

So if you are looking for a good hair salon in Basingstoke that offers the best colour correcting services call us on 01256 700 670.  Read our 5 star salon reviews to see why our clients tell us we are the best hair salon in Basingstoke.

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