How to Take Care of Your Hair This Summer

Top Haircare Tips for Summer at Hair Lab Hair Salon in Basingstoke

Summer is here but don’t worry it’s not too late to start thinking about how best to look after your hair during the warmer months.

The summer season can cause havoc with your locks that’s why the experienced hairstyling team in our Basingstoke hair salon have put together their top tips and suggestions on which products and services best keep your hair frizz free and protected from the sun’s harsh rays. 

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How Best to Protect Your Hair From Chlorine – Advice From Hair Lab Hair Salon

summer hair at Hair Lab hair salon in BasingstokeWhat effect does chlorine have on the hair is a common question we get asked at Hair Lab and there are a few ways in which we suggest keeping your hair protected.

Firstly it is advised to always wear a swimming cap as this will minimise the contact your hair has with the pool, secondly try rinsing your hair with warm water before entering the pool to fill the cuticles up, meaning less room for nasty chemicals. 

If you swim frequently, the repeated drying can cause your hair’s protective cuticles to weaken, which can lead to split ends and breakage. The dedicated hairstyling team at hair Lab hair salon in Basingstoke advise booking in for a professional conditioning treatment such as Smart Bond to help restore your hair to its pre-holiday health.

Tips To Stop Your Hair Colour From Fading This Summer

Coloured hair can fade so it is essential to protect it before exposing it to the suns harmful rays. The expert hair colour technicians at Hair Lab advise that you use a colour protecting shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair colour fade. Alternatively, why not wear a stylish floppy hat or twisted bandana to be extra safe?

If you do find your hair suffering from split ends and breakage then why not try Absolut Repair Lipidium for Damaged Hair.  Absolut Repair Lipidium from L’Oréal introduces a new double action lipid complex which targets damaged hair and leaves it feeling smooth and strong.

Advice on How Best to Protect Hair from Heat Damage

summer hairstyles at Hair Lab hair salon BasingstokeHeat damage and exposure to the sun can cause hair to dry out which in turn can lead to breakage and split ends. Avoid unnecessary damage to your hair by remembering to protect it with a heat protection spray.

Opt for a product that contains U.V protection or wear your hair tied up in a loose bun or Boho braid to help protect it from heat damage from the sun.

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