Straight, Sleek Hairstyle Ideas

Stylish, Sleek Hair Styles at HAIR LAB Salon in Basingstoke

Straight hair can look sensational on hair that is healthy and shiny so check out these stylish, sleek hairstyle ideas from HAIR LAB Hair Salon in Basingstoke

Straight & Simple Hairstyles

Chic and polished, smooth sleek ‘dos are in fashion this summer. Keep your locks frizz free and looking healthy by keeping up with regular trims with your regular stylist at HAIR Lab Hair Salon in Basingstoke.

Slicked Back Hair

Slicked back hair looks glamorous and is easy to create.  Simply brush your hair until it’s smooth, add some heat protection to your locks before using your hair straighteners for straight, smooth hair. Add some gel through your straightened hair to give it a ‘wet look’.

Sleek Ponytails

Sleek ponytails are easy to do and are here to stay this season. If you keep it minimal then this is an everyday hairstyle that can go from day to night. Sweep your hair into a low ponytail but make sure it’s poker straight for an on-trend look. No matter where you turn, ponytails are always stylish.


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