Top Trending Hair Colours Balayage, Ombré & Sombré Explained!

Balayage, Ombré & Sombré Hair Colours at Hair Lab Hair Salon, Basingstoke, Hampshire

Knowing which hair colour trend is right for you can be a daunting task and with lots of new techniques coming into play such as Ombré & Sombré booking the correct colour service can be difficult.

Deciding which hair colour is right for you can be a confusing task, especially now there is so many new techniques and trends to choose from. Here, the hair colour experts at our Basingstoke hair salon, explain what the difference is between Balayage, Ombré & Sombré Hair Colour and why they are among the most asked for hair colours today.

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Hand-Painted Balayage 

 Feel like you need a fresh new hair colour but don’t want a drastic colour change? Well, how about updating your look with a balayage?

Balayage is where your skilled colour technician paints the hair colour in sweeping strokes using a freehand technique to give you a tailored and individual look. Lighter tones including golden blondes, caramel tones and ashy blonde colours can be added as face-framing highlights to give a stunning sun-kissed effect.  Balayage colours have now evolved to include more daring colours such as purples, reds & crazy fashion colours.

The Balayage hair colour technique leaves the root colour darker blending seamlessly with brighter, lighter streaks towards the tips.

Ombré Hair Colour

What do we mean by Ombré Hair Colour? Defined as when your hair colour gradually blends from one colour to another, this hair colouring technique looks beautiful when you choose a mixture of dark and light blonde shades.

Ombré is a relatively low maintenance hair colour which makes it ideal if you are new to colouring your hair.  You can leave longer between salon visits to as the root growth is not so noticeable.

Sombré Hair Colour

If you are considering colouring your hair, but want a hair colour that is beautiful yet subtle, you will love the new trend for Sombré Hair Colour!

A more subtle and softer version of Ombré, your chosen shade is blended or ‘melted’ away from the root with a shade almost identical to your natural colour so there are no harsh lines between the different colours. 

Who Are The Balayage, Ombré & Sombré Hair Colour Experts Near Me?

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