Fabulous Fringes

Hairstyles with fringes at HAIR Lab salon in Basingstoke

Are you looking for a new hairstyle but you’re not ready to have your hair cut into a shorter style?  Maybe your first step towards change should be a fringe!

If you fancy a new look, talk to your HAIR Lab stylist about which fringe will work best with your face shape…

Blunt and Bold Fringes

Straight blunt fringes, basingstoke hair salonMake a statement with a bold, blunt fringe. This hair trend is great for angular faces and slim faces as they tend to make your face look a little wider.  Add a stunning new hair colour and you’ll soon be turning heads!

One of the most daring statements is to add a micro fringe to your style.  Your fringe will be shorter than usual and can be either straight and blunt or a little choppy.

It’s an edgy look and looks best with straight hair and maybe a dynamic fashion colour such as a bold blue, bright pink, rich red or platinum blonde.



The 1970s Fringe

1970s inspired fringes at basingstoke hair salon The trend for all things 1970s continues into 2016 and shows no signs of diminishing!

Check out the High Street shops and you’ll see lots of suede, fringing and frilly clothing – just like we wore in the ‘70s.

When it comes to your hair, we can give it a modern new look.  Wear your hair in a gorgeous bob, add a pop of incredible hair colour and have a longer fringe that can be flicked up for a 1970s vibe!

This is a look that works equally well on longer hair.  Wear it in a relaxed, slightly wavy style and add a longer fringe with a flick at each end.

Choppy Fringes

Eye skimming fringes, basingstoke hair salonChoppy fringes look great with all hair styles but work particularly well if your hair is short.  Style your hair so it looks a little messy for a look that matches perfectly with your fringe.

With choppy fringes, your fringe can by short or longer – even falling a little bit into your eyes for a sultry look!

This is one of the most versatile fringes around.  If you need your style to look a little more formal for daytime, you can simply sweep your fringe to one side.



Side Swept Fringes

Side swept asymmetric fringes at basingstoke hair salonKeep your fringe long and opt for a side parting so you can sweep your fringe to one side.

Sweep it to one side and choose to have a choppy look or a more blunt fringe.  Ask your stylist for advice when it comes to your hairstyle.

This style looks gorgeous with short and longer hair and you can also update it by adding a 1970s fringe flick every now and then for a change!

We love this hair cut (pictured left) for its asymmetrical lines.  The blunt shorter side is the perfect compliment to the longer more relaxed fringe.


Quiffed Fringes

Quiffed fringes at basinstoke hair salon, hampshireThe quiff is a fabulous edgy look that’s great for guys and gals!

This is a super cool hairstyle that is not for the faint-hearted!  You can form a quiff on a longer fringe by blow drying it in an upwards direction and fixing it into place with some hair product.

If your fringe is shorter, you could opt for a spiked fringe instead!  Whatever you decide, have fun and experiment with your fringe and hair for a new look every now and then.