Festival Hair Ideas

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Festival Hair Ideas from HAIR Lab in Basingstoke

The festival season is upon us! If you’re heading off see your favourite bands this summer, check our our festival-inspired hairstyles before you go! Let the team at HAIR Lab hair salon in Basingstoke guide you through the creative  journey of the festival hairstyle!

Messy Plaits & Top Knots for Music Festivals

summer hairstyles, Basingstoke hair salon HAIR LabBraids are perhaps the look when it comes to looking on-trend for summer festivals.  They can work on short, mid-length and long hair. 

Add micro-plaits to a short hairstyle, two cute pigtails for medium-length and long hair and a side braid for longer hair.   

Start your morning off by tying your hair into a firm plait which can work its way loose as day morphs into night.  Or maybe a couple of cute top knots are the perfect look for you!


Long & Mid-Length Boho Hairstyles for Festivals

summer hairstyles, Basingstoke hair salon HAIR LabTumbling waves are the ultimate hair style when it comes to music festivals.  

Your curls will need to look relaxed and effortless to get that music festival vibe.  

If you have curly or straight hair, consider wearing a centre parting and add a pretty circlet of flowers for a 1970s vibe!



Summer Festival Hair Accessories

summer hairstyles, Basingstoke hair salon HAIR LabAfter two days of dancing your hair may be looking a little flat and, dare we say it….greasy!  This is where a flowery head-dress or floppy hat can come in handy.   

Try weaving some strands of hair into your flowery hair accessory to give it some interest and make it look less flat. 

If all else fails, make sure you have a can of dry shampoo which can give your hair a new lease of life and added volume.


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If you would like to book in with one of our hair stylists to recreate any of these looks please give us a call on 01256 700 670.  We look forward to seeing you soon.