How to Create the Best Hair Braids

plaits and braids at hair lab hair salon in BasingstokeTop Plaited & Braided Hairstyles at Hair Lab Hair Salon in Basingstoke

At HairLab hair salon in Basingstoke, we love to keep up to date with the latest hair trends and styling techniques and have recently enjoyed a training day in the salon learning all the latest plaited and braided hairstyles.

Here we bring you three of our favourite on-trend braided hairstyles…


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The Dutch Braid aka The Upside-Down Plait

Two-dutch-braids-ponie at hair lab hair salon in basingstokeDutch braids are a popular, fun look and are an easy to do yourself plait. Start by brushing your hair smooth before separating into three sections. Spritz a little hairspray over your hair to help keep stray hairs at bay and give your hair more grip.

Start by crossing the right section under the central section of hair, then cross the left section under the new middle section. Repeat the process by picking up thin sections of hair from left to right – make sure you cross the hair under not over to achieve the perfect Dutch Braid.

The Braided Headband Hairstyle at Top Basingstoke Salon

cool-plaited-style basingstoke hair salonThis is a great plaited hairstyle to disguise unwashed hair or get an over grown fringe away from your face.

This plaited hairstyle creates a headband using your own hair and looks great on short, medium and longer length hair. Add curls to the remaining hair for a glamorous look or opt for a chic look use straighteners to create a sleek, straight finish.

Start with clean hair then section a large piece of your hair roughly from the crown to behind the ears. Next separate the hair into three equal strands before proceeding to cross the left section over the middle section, and then the right section over the new middle section. Use this braiding technique until you run out of hair. Secure with a hair tie and pin the end of the plaited ponytail behind your ear with pins.

Fish Tail Plaits

fishtail-plaits at hair lab hair salon in BasingstokeFish tail plaits are youthful and have proved top trending hairstyles for proms, festivals and weddings. They look great on fine hair as well as creating a beautiful braided look on thicker hair too.

To start split the hair into two, equal sections. You may find it easier to put your hair in a ponytail first until you get the hang of it.

Next step is to get a smaller section from the outside of the ponytail and pull the small section across the top of the larger section from left to right, you need to repeat this process from right to left.

Top Tips to Keep Your Plaits & Braids Looking Good

Plaits and braids can work loose throughout the day which can in itself create a tousled, relaxed look, if you prefer for your locks to stay firmly in place follow these top hairstyling tips from the expert stylists at hair Lab hair salon in Basingstoke

  • Use a dry shampoo or hairspray to make hair easy to grip and separate into sections
  • Take small sections of hair if you want a tight plait or thicker sections for a chunky braid.
  • Plait your hair when its wet in the morning and then unravel in the evening for a sexy, wavy hairstyle.
  • Add hair accessories to your braid to hide any pins or hair ties.

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