Pink Hair Colours You’ll Want to Try This Spring at HairLab Hair Salon Basingstoke

Candy Floss Inspired Hair Colours

Are you after a top new hair colour for spring? From pale, pink shades to bold and bright cerise hues, in our Basingstoke hair salon we are sure to create your favourite candyfloss inspired hair colour!

Want to know how to get pink hair? Visit the hair colour specialists in Basingstoke at HairLab. From full head crazy hair colours to delicate flashes of your favourite shade – we will deliver a hair colour you will love!

Pastel Pink Hair Colours

Be inspired by the stunning colours of cherry blossom, strawberry blonde, lilac tones and rose gold hues and be on track to have one of the top pink hair colours for spring 2018. Pastel hair colours will happily brighten up your look!

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Colour Melting For Pink Hair

For shiny, glossy hair why not try a purple to pink ombre? Our team of experienced colour technicians can create the perfect bespoke balayage hair colour for you. From rose gold, to strawberry blonde and pale pastel hair colours.

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