Which Style Of Fringe Will Suit You?

The Return of the Fringe at Hair Lab Hairdressing Salon, Basingstoke

If you are looking for a quick fix to transform your hairstyle then you’ll be pleased to learn that the fringe has made a comeback!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting a fringe. Even high-profile celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Bella Hadid and Halle Berry are updating their look with a fierce fringe. 

Choose from micro fringes, side fringes, choppy fringes, curly fringes, wispy fringes and even 1970s-inspired fringes to name but a few.

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Micro Fringes

Super stylish and super short the micro fringe is both daring & fun! Not feeling quite so brave? Opt for a cool, short A-symmetrical fringe for a glamourous and chic look.

For inspiration look at this stunning cropped hairstyle with a slightly longer side fringe – a hairstyle that sure to turn heads!

Side-Sweeping Fringe

For inspiration, look at the gorgeous Selena Gomez rocking a over grown fringe! Look stylish and on-trend with a casual side-sweeping fringe – perfect no matter if your hair is short, mid-length or long.

Long Fringes

Ask your stylist to cut your fringe so it skims the tops of your eyebrows. You can then choose to wear it worn swept to one side or straight down.  

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