Your Hair & The Menopause

Hair Loss & The Menopause – Advice From Hair Lab Salon, Basingstoke & Woking

It is a natural and inevitable process that women go through menopause usually between the mid 40’s to early 50’s. Fortunately, as menopausal symptoms are a consequence of fluctuations in hormones, they don’t last forever. Common symptoms of menopause include hot flushes, inability to sleep well, mood swings and in some cases hair loss. Research suggests that around 50% of women will suffer from hair loss or thinning hair during this time. There is no quick fix to combatting menopausal hair loss, but there are steps you can take to promote hair growth and alleviate your symptoms.

Lifestyle changes can have a positive effect, adding movement and exercise and getting some much needed support or nurturing may pay dividends at this time of change.

The experts at our Hair Salon in Basingstoke can offer advice on the best professional hair products to use that will help thicken out your locks as well as find a hairstyle that can help you to disguise thinning.

Hair Loss and the Menopause Hair Lab Salon Basingstoke & Woking

Hairstyles For The Over 40’s & 50’s

As we get older, of course we still want to look stylish and beautiful, with a hairstyle which flatters us! Hairstyles for women over 40 don’t have to be dull and boring! If you’re stuck in a rut with a dated look or maybe you’d just like to try something new, pay a visit to your stylist at Hair Lab who will be delighted freshen up your style! 

Mid-length hair is a versatile style which suits everyone – no matter what your age, hair type or face shape.

A side-sweeping fringe is very flattering and can make you look younger by focusing attention on your eyes whilst hiding any wrinkles that may be creeping onto your forehead!

Casual wavy hairstyles can knock 10 years off the way you look and feel. Ask your stylist to add layers and waves to give you hair volume and movement.  

Curly Hairstyles – As you get older you may find that your hair becomes a little more unruly and hard to tame. But, don’t let your hair hold you back! Take control of your curls! If you have naturally curly hair, now is the time to let it loose, with hydrated and bouncy stunning curls! Chat with your experienced hair Lab stylist who will suggest the best looks & hair care for curly hair.

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How to Disguise Fine & Thinning Hair

During menopause, many women find that their hair does not grow as long. This is because oestrogens keep the hair in the growing phase, and the longer the growing phase, the more hair will grow. Reduced oestrogen levels cause the hair to grow more slowly, and the hair will shed more than it is growing, leading to thinning hair.

Most women will see some changes in their hair after or during the pause. Hair can become finer, thinner, more wiry, or just a bit fluffy.

We can recommend customised hair treatments to help strengthen your hair and give it a thicker feel and reduce breakage.

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Hair Colour Specialists in Basingstoke & Woking

Silver grey hair is currently one of the most popular hair colour trends, so if your hair is a lovely silver colour, why not keep it that way? Grey hair not for you? The hair colouring specialists at Hair Lab hair salon in Basingstoke & Woking will happily guide you through the most suitable colour techniques and options available to you to ensure you leave the salon with a hair colour you’ll love.

From balayage to colour melts, livelived-inndes to glossy brunettes and fiery redheads – there is something for everyone! Read more about hair colour services at Hair Lab.

Remember a quick allergy test is required 48 hours before your appointment.

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If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years, or your hair is feeling dull and drab, why not take the plunge and try something new? We would be delighted to offer you a complimentary consultation where we can come up with a hairstyle and hair colour that really suits you, your sense of style and skin and eye colouring. Book your appointment at our Basingstoke salon by calling 01256 700 670 or for Woking call 01483 957047.