Easy Ways To Transform Your Hair!

Super Simple Hair Transformations at Hair Lab Hair Salons, Basingstoke & Woking

If you’ve had the same hairstyle for years, or your hair is feeling dull and drab, why not take the plunge and try something new? Our team of talented & creative stylists are bursting with ideas on how you can quickly and easily change your look. 

Have you always dreamed of having smoother, healthier hair or wanted to experiment with a bold, new hair colour? Make every day a good hair day by visiting the experts in our Basingstoke & Woking hair salons. We’re confident we can create a style you will love.

We would be delighted to offer you a complimentary consultation where we can come up with a hairstyle and hair colour that really suits you, your sense of style and skin and eye colouring. Book your appointment by calling 01483 957047.

PLEASE NOTE: We require our clients to undergo a quick and simple colour sensitivity test at least 48 hours prior to a colour application. Read our colour policy.

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Repair & Protect Damaged Hair With Olaplex

234254315 992148138217032 6995921369220813454 n 1 We are delighted to offer the revolutionary in-salon OLAPLEX™ treatments and home care products in our Basingstoke & Woking hair salons. Olaplex can be used with your usual hair colouring service or as a stand alone treatment to give strength, shine and vibrant colour to even the most over-processed hair.

It targets the structure of each strand of hair, rather than just coating the hair meaning it nourishes the hair from the inside out. Although OLAPLEX was originally an in-salon professional product, we now offer OLAPLEX products that you can use at home to keep your hair looking and feeling happy and healthy! 

Add a Hidden Colour to Your Hair

190324727 134847115269501 3003978953203123528 n 1Why not add a burst of glorious colour to brighten up dull locks? Hidden hair colour can be added beneath the layers in your hair or if you’re feeling adventurous ask your Hair Lab colourist to add a pop of colour to frame your face and really make a statement!

Choosing which hair colouring technique is best for you can be rather confusing, especially if this is your first time colouring your hair. We offer complimentary colour consultations and will happily discuss your options to ensure you get a look you love.

Get a Professional Blowdry

188771437 967134250495868 220853974697577861 n 1A professional blow dry can leave you looking and feeling great. Relax and enjoy a shampoo and head massage at the back wash before your skilled stylist creates your perfect hairstyle. Choose from big, voluminous curls, sleek poker straight looks or effortless beach babe wavey styles.

Did you know we reward your loyalty? We will give you 10% OFF your next bill every time you book your next appointment before you leave the salon and your next visit is within eight weeks.

Experiment With a Fringe

182264533 1148445425674210 4856961672389370020 n 1For those wanting to experiment with a new hairstyle but not wanting to loose much length then a fringe is perfect! A fringe, aka ‘a bang’ can easily make a boring haircut fun and edgy. Choose from a super short micro fringe, baby fringe, curtain fringe, or blunt cut, super sharp bang.